Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes of the 107th for Asgard!

An Asgardian Armor design for Bucky, inspired by an RP I’m currently a part of.

I drew inspiration from the movies, and from my favorite two Thor comics, The Trails of Loki and Ages of Thunder, as well as Bucky’s design from the Captain America movies.

Bucky isn’t Einherjar or royalty, he’s a guest in the House of Odin, and he’s Thor’s guest, so I decided that his design would be ‘casual’ and ‘light’. He would have rich materials because he’s in Asgard with Thor, so he was given real armor, not just a tunic and trousers, and a cape lined with fur.

Bucky features all three different mails; scalemail the legs and in his gorget, which also features chainmail. On his left arm I put the Asgardian square mail that is so heavily featured in Thor’s designs for the movie. The armored left arm is my own homage to The Winter Soldier and his bionic arm, as the scale mail on the legs in my homage to Bucky’s eventual place as Captain America. Steve’s Cap has scale mail and while Bucky’s doesn’t, it felt right, just a tiny reference

Bucky’s chest plate is made to resemble the buckles and straps the cross his chest in the Winter Soldier movie, and the interlocking plates are inspired by Volstagg’s armor in The Dark World, while his belt is remenisiant of Thor’s in The Trails comic. His right sleeve which is just a plain tunic is modeled after Loki’s prisoner prisinor tunic in TDW.

His cape is lined with fur is show that he’s more than a minor god in my mind, and it is, of course, blue, like his jacket from the original comic designs. To steer the design away from being to similar to Baldur in The Trails (mostly because of their similar hair styles), I stayed away from a cape that was too drape-y and fold-y and kept it more like the capes in the movies. The high collar is was chosen because of Sebastian Stan’s role as the Mad Hatter in Once Upon A Time, and also because it spoke of that semi-high class status to me.

As for over all color scheme, the armor is dark with golden-pewter accents. 

He probably wears boots, but I’m shite at drawing those.

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The St James Hotel, Cimarron NM

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Black and white photos of Mary Lambert’s room.

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The Mary Lambert suit at The St James Hotel in Cimarron, NM, haunted by the supposed ghost of the ex-owner Mary Lambert. They say if you upset or provoke the spirit your room will be filled with the stifling scent of roses.

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This is my mom, she’s a total geek and a Longmire fangirl, which is filmed here in New Mexico.

So when we stopped the Absaroka County Sheriff’s Dept. in Las Vegas, NM we had to get a picture.

My mom is the coolest.

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Princess Nicotine (1909)

Joan of Arc by John Everett Millais, 1865.